Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

NBA Trade Deadline Has Come and Gone

Well the NBA trade deadline has past and the Hawks did absolutely nothing. What they are saying is that we are as good as needed to be the NBA Champs. Hogwash. It is obvious that we need help in the middle. Hortford is real solid as we all know and I love Zaza, but not for his basketball ability, its because he plays physical . Randolph Morris is a joke and the jury is still out on Solomon Jones. We can not win it all with this team.

I told a friend early this year we should go after Brad Miller. Great player, no. Good player, yes. He is a good passer, plays defense, can shoot from 15-18 ft, available, and we would not have had to give up that much.

This is just another frustration with this ownership group. Always second fiddle.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playoff Bound

The dream season for the Atlanta Falcons continued this past Sunday as we went up to Minnesota and won. Not an easy thing to do for anyone in the NFL. We held Peterson to around 70 yards rushing and caused 4 turnovers. This was obviously the difference in the game. With the Cowboys and Bucs losing, the win put us in the playoffs. The odd thing is, if we win next week and Carolina loses, we will win the division.
This has already been a great season but to add a division championship would have been unthinkable 5 months ago. Again, great job by the Falcons front office, Coach Mike Smith and his staff, and to the players on this team for pouring there heart and soul into this season and committing to each other to change this franchise probably forever.
I have said it once and will say it again, nobody wants to play us in the first round, nobody. Congrats to the Falcons, but we believe it isnt quite over yet.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Sunday was another gutsy performance by a real tough and physical Atlanta Falcons football team. Who would have thought we would have 9 wins and control our destiny for the playoffs at this point in the season. I just want to hit on a few points of the game and why I think if we get into the playoffs we could make some noise.

1. Mike Smith- If ever the saying, "a team is a reflection of it's coach" was ever more true then I dont know about it. I mean, the attitude he brings to his job is so refreshing. The players love to play for him and his staff. Just the simple fact that he is not going to tolerate any kind of bull crap like Antonio Bryant tried to pull, in the Dome, makes me want to suit up right now for free. Punch the bully in the mouth and see what happens. Atlanta is no more a door mat for the NFL. You come in our building a try to wipe your feet like you own the place and Coach Smith is going to cut them off at the ankles.

2. Matt Ryan- His poise is what makes him the next great NFL QB. Even on a not so good day throwing the ball, he simply competes. The runs he made were huge and so under control. Smart, smart, smart.

3. Offensive Line- If there is a meaner bunch in the NFL, then ours is not far behind. I mean, we have some nasty attitudes on the line. Tyson Clabo is a pile cleaner. He will cheap shot you late just to set the tone. We are not the most talented yet. We are simply just too young to be that, but I love the way they play with fire and nastiness we havent had in forever.

4. Brian VanGorder- What a coach. What he has done with the youth on the defensive side of the ball is deserving of an assistant coach of the year award. The fact that we have not been blown out this year is a testament to our defense. Maybe the best defensive scheme coach we have had in our franchise.

5. John Abraham- Maybe the best defensive football player in the NFL. I know. I am just saying. He makes the biggest plays at the biggest times during a game. The tackles simply cant contain him by themselves. Just imagine if Jamaal starts to get it together.

6. Michael Turner- Ryan seems to get all the pub because of his play, and rightfully so. But Turner is the meat of this offense. I think Matt would agree that he would not be as successful as he has been without Turner. Michael bring his lunch pale everyday so the opposing team had better be ready for an all day job trying to stop him. So much for the "they overpaid for used goods" thing. Pro Bowler all the way.

If we get to the playoffs we could make some noise because our show travels well. Now we havent played great on the road, but what I mean is toughness is toughness anywhere. We can play in the sun, on the turf or in the snow. Bring on anyone as far as I am concerned. Because I know a few things for sure. We will be prepared, we will play well, and we will play tough.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Time Win

As I pulled into parking lot "A" yesterday I realized this was a different atmosphere then the past years. The Falcons fans were actually tailgating like it was a UGA game. Grills were smokin everywhere, footballs were hitting cars and Carolina fans simply were not that welcome to be there. When I walked into the stadium and paid $7 for a beer I thought to myself, "we have got to win this game." Then I started laughing, because I just paid $7 and it was game 11 and it was a must win for the Falcons. Nobody saw this coming. If you say you did, you are a liar. Better, yes. .500 team, yes. But this, no. Division contender that nobody wants to play in the playoffs. And I mean nobody. This team is unified and so are the fans. If you are on the bottom level, you simple dont sit down except during halftime. It was loud and fun and refreshing all at the same time. No more DJ playing music every 30 seconds. This was football, not a concert, this was football, not a business meeting, this was football, a place were the ladies had better be fans or they were simply just "in the way".
Folks, this is a winning football team. We are young and talented. Everybody better get used to it because the back to back winning record thing is over next year. I firmly believe with a few good players added this off season we will be a top 5 team in the NFL.